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Posted  April 19, 2006 ----------------------------------

AIGA CREDENTIAL APPLICATIONS & BY-LAWS can be downloaded from the "FORMS" link at www.aigahq.com 

If you are requesting credentials and you live in New York State please use this link on this site to contact Brother Johnson who is the AIGA New York State Chairman... CONTACT NEAIGA & BROTHER JOHNSON

If you live in another State please contact our AIGA Headquarters directly...

Association of International Gospel Assemblies, Inc.

411 South Third Street

DeSoto, Missouri 63020 USA

Phone: 1-636-586-3641

email: aigahq@sbcglobal.net

Website: www.aigahq.com 

AIGHA CREDENTIAL APPLICATIONS & BY-LAWS can be downloaded from the "FORMS" link at www.aigahq.com 


Posted  October 18, 2005 ----------------------------------

The AIGA Bible College now has it's own website with more UPDATED information than listed here...  www.aigahq.com 

You can also email them directly... aigahq@sbcglobal.net 


A world-Wide organization called and committed to serving Full Gospel Ministers and Ministries provides:

·        Ministerial credentials to qualified ministers of the Gospel         

·       Coverage for Church related ministries under our group exemption umbrella

·        Opportunity for fellowship among Bible-believing, Spirit-filled ministers of like, precious faith.

·       An opportunity to enhance Bible knowledge through in-depth study at our affiliated Bible College. 

·        A chance for youth to be a part of AIGA’s World-Wide youth Organization GYC (Gospel Youth Crusaders).

·        Opportunities for Women’s Ministries and fellowship through the outreach of AIGA’s Women’s Department, WIC (Women in Christ). 

·        A Memorial Fund available to Association members which can provide financial assistance in the event of a minister’s death.

MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS - Our credentials officially recognize a preacher’s God-given ministry. These credentials are given that our ministers have equal rights by law and in business of ministers of other religious organizations. We require that our ministers have a proven ministry. We also issue fellowship cards for Christian Workers.

§         CHRISTIAN WORKER, credentials may be issued to a person who has a call on his or her life to work for the Lord in some field other than that of preaching, pastoring or evangelizing. This may include Choir Director, musician, Sunday School Superintendent, Sunday School Superintendent, teacher, hospital visitation worker, house-to-house visitation, alter worker, street or jail service worker, or a ministry other than that of preaching. ($5.00 with application and an additional amount of $25.00 by July each year or $30.00 annually)

§         EXHORTER credentials may be issued to a person that is working part time, who is not supported through his or her ministry; a person who is working under the leadership of a more mature minister. This credential is to be used by all those who have felt the call to preach and are just starting out in the ministry. The person holding this credential may preach, hold revivals, or do other religious work of any type under the direction of a Licensed or Ordained Minister. This credential must be held by This credential must be held by beginning ministers for a period of 9-12 months before applying for higher credentials. ($10.00 with application and an additional amount of $50.00 by July each year or $60.00 annually)

§         LICENSE (to preach) credentials may be issued to those ministers who are working-part time or full-time as a pastor or evangelist, conducting services. These credentials will be issued only AFTER a minister’s first year of ministry. ($15.00 with application and an additional amount of $75.00 by July each year or $90.00 annually)

§         ORDINATION credentials may be issued to those who have been pastors or evangelists for two years or more. Applicants for this credential must have a mature and proven ministry.. ($20.00 with application and an additional amount of $100.00 by July each year or $120.00 annually)



In each case an applicant’s life must be above reproach.


Applicants for License or Ordination must have experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:1-4, with the evidence of speaking in tongues and have a proven ministry. Otherwise you may apply for Christian Worker or Exhorter, until such time as you can meet the License/Ordination requirements.


IT IS OUR POLICY TO ISSUE NO CREDENTIALS UNTIL WE RECEIVE AT LEAST TWO FAVORABLE RECOMMENDATIONS, AND AT LEAST ONE OF THE RECOMMENDATIONS IS TO BE A LICENSED OR ORDAINED MINISTER (that has known the applicant for a minimum of two years). The AIGA licensed or ordained Recommender should be in good standing, having held AIGA credentials for at least six (6) months.


NOTE: The above fees are small compared to most and we require NO FURTHER TITHE The first fee such as the $25.00 for an "ORDINATION" is basically the cost for processing the application. The second fee of $100.00 is accepted as a minimum tithe simply to help us with our operating expenses! Most other organizations require hundreds more! Of course the tithe is Biblical and by all means send it if you have no other place to do so to keep your blessing!... I sincerely hope you wish to be a part of a quality, World Wide, Association. 

If you are where there is no AIGA member to recommend you, PLEASE e-mail me,  I will do what I can to help you. However, you must be willing to answer a few questions if necessary. In your email please give a brief ministry history and future ministry vision. I pray you are one who wishes to be a part of a quality ministerial group.  If you have little ministry history but lots of VISION, that is why there is a Christian Worker Credential!

Credential Applications (8 pages) and AIGA Constitution/By-laws (70+ pages) can be sent by email on request! 

When you do so PLEASE provide your address information so I can check to see if we have an AIGA Official near you. A small ministry explanation would also be helpful and your age. Thanks!

This has become an International site, and I Praise God for it! You are important to Him and to me. 

NOTE: Due many factors I may sometimes overlook answering an e-mail. PLEASE do send another, if I do not reply within 10 days!!!!



Please take time to Visit our FRONT PAGE, there are awesome graphics there we update occasionally. There are great graphics on most of our other pages also.


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