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This is a last days end times website with Brother Johnson and Sister Sharon exposing the false and preparing you for the rapture and the second coming of Jesus Christ!








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EZEKIEL 33:7-9 The Watchman: So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth,  and warn them from me. When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, thou shalt shall die

Brother Johnson (Greek: episkopen "office of overseer"), called and ordained by God's own voice, just like in Biblical times, as His watchman. God said Brother Johnson is "A SIGN," not "THE SIGN but "A" SIGN to this last days generation! There are many "natural" signs which he report's about but Brother Johnson is a "Spiritual Sign." (Webster's dictionary - SIGN: something



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This is a last days end times website with Brother Johnson and Sister Sharon exposing the false and preparing you for the rapture and the second coming of Jesus Christ!


The Middle East War On Christians

For 2,000 years, Christian communities dotted the region, enriching the Arab world with literature, culture and commerce. At the turn of the 20th century, Christians made up 26% of the Middle East's population. Today, that figure has dwindled to less than 10%. Intolerant and extremist governments are driving away the Christian communities that have lived in the Middle East since their faith was born


Boston Enters Next Gen Surveillance With Self-Learning Network That Watches The Entire City

Following the Boston Marathon bombings almost one year ago, the Boston Police Department started looking toward more high-tech means of securing the city against future attacks. They found the solution in the form of an artificially intelligent, self-learning surveillance network that now watches the entire city, and all of its inhabitants.


Christians Are Being Duped Into Believing the “One God” Doctrine of Chrislam

In greater numbers, well-meaning Christian leaders all over the U.S. are calling for an ecumenical embrace of their Islamic brothers and sisters, even mingling Christian and Islamic doctrine in their church services, in the hopes of finding common ground in the worship of “one God.”


Government Ignores Constitutional Debate: Proceeds With Drone Logistics

Clearly, the government is no longer participating in discussion about if drone technology is constitutional. The government is moving forward and has now turned its efforts on how to keep drones in the sky longer and more efficiently. Moving forward, the Air Force is currently involved in test and development stages of new drone technologies. The scope of their work revolves around keeping drones in the air for months or even years – fighting smarter, more intelligently, and outside of human controls.


Cancer-causing atrazine is world’s No. 1 drinking water contaminant

For more than a half-century, North American farmers have been spraying atrazine, a herbicide, on their crops — most notably corn — in the millions of pounds per year. This widespread use of the weed killer has also created no small amount of runoff, ensuring that atrazine winds up in lakes, streams and, on occasion, even drinking water, according to a recent report. ”Atrazine is the number one contaminant found in drinking water in the U.S. and probably globally[,] probably in the world,” University of California-Berkeley scientist Tyrone Hayes told a news organization. The prevalence of atrazine has, over time, gotten the attention of a number of groups — and some government organizations — regarding its use and, some say, overuse. One such organization is Health Canada, which confirmed recently that atrazine could indeed make its way into local drinking water. The agency says that, “because atrazine has been classified in Group III (possibly carcinogenic to humans),” it has set an acceptable amount of 5 parts per billion in drinking water; in the U.S., that level is 3 parts per billion.

But the problem is that atrazine levels in drinking water can vary from place to place, with agricultural regions obviously being more at risk (though not exclusively, as atrazine contained in runoff can travel for hundreds of miles). ”In areas where atrazine is used extensively, it (or its dealkylated metabolites) is one of the most frequently detected pesticides in surface and well water. Atrazine contamination has been reported in British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Ontario and Saskatchewan,” said Health Canada. The compound is manufactured by Syngenta, the world’s foremost agribusiness giant; the European Union banned atrazine in 2004. Nevertheless, research on the compound and its effects has continued, and not just on humans: The effects of atrazine on amphibian and other wildlife are also being studied. ”Atrazine is probably the most well studied pesticide on the planet, perhaps only rivaled by DDT,” University of South Florida Prof. Jason Rohr, told


Why There Will Be A Robot Uprising.

In the movie Transcendence, which opens in theaters today, a sentient computer program embarks on a relentless quest for power, nearly destroying humanity in the process. The film is science fiction but a computer scientist and entrepreneur Steven Omohundro says that “anti-social” artificial intelligence in the future is not only possible, but probable, unless we start designing AI systems very differently today. Omohundro’s most recent recent paper, published in the Journal of Experimental& Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, lays out the case. We think of artificial intelligence programs as somewhat humanlike. In fact, computer systems perceive the world through a narrow lens, the job they were designed to perform. Microsoft Excel understands the world in terms of numbers entered into cells and rows; autonomous drone pilot systems perceive reality as a bunch calculations and actions that must be performed for the machine to stay in the air and to keep on target. Computer programs think of every decision in terms of how the outcome will help them do more of whatever they are supposed to do. It’s a cost vs. benefit calculation that happens all the time. Economists call it a utility function, but Omohundro says it’s not that different from the sort of math problem going in the human brain whenever we think about how to get more of what we want at the least amount of cost and risk. For the most part, we want machines to operate exactly this way. The problem, by Omohundro’s logic, is that we can’t appreciate the obsessive devotion of a computer program to the thing it’s programed to do. Put simply, robots are utility function junkies.



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This is a last days end times website with Brother Johnson and Sister Sharon exposing the false and preparing you for the rapture and the second coming of Jesus Christ!


Beef, Pork And Shrimp Prices Soar To Record Highs

We previously noted that both beef and pork (courtesy of the affectionately named Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus) prices have been reaching new all time highs on an almost daily basis. It is time to update the chart. ABOVE we show what a world in which the Fed is constantly lamenting the lack of inflation looks like for beef prices..


FBI Visiting Gun Shops to Investigate “People Talking About Big Government”

FBI counter terrorism agents are visiting gun shops in South Carolina to investigate “suspicious purchases” made by people who talk about “big government,” according to a new report. Author Brandon Turbeville says he was approached by an individual who works in a Columbia, South Carolina gun shop to relate the story of how an FBI agent entered the store on Monday, showed his credentials, before proceeding to ask a series of stunning questions. Telling the gun store worker he was tasked with visiting all the firearms outlets in the local area to check on “suspicious purchases” for counter terrorism purposes, the agent then began discussing what in actual fact were “completely normal transactions,” such as, “paying with cash, purchasing long guns, and other similarly innocuous behavior.” The FBI agent then reportedly made a shocking remark that almost seems too chilling to believe. “If you see some Middle Eastern guy come in, you don’t have to be so worried about that. What we’re really looking for are people talking about being sovereign such as sovereign citizens or people talking about big government,” the agent reportedly stated. Before the agent left the store, he handed the employee a flyer which lists paying with cash, buying in bulk, along with other seemingly innocuous behavior as suspicious activity. While there’s little chance of verifying the story since the FBI would almost certainly deny the claim, the notion of FBI agents charactering innocuous activity as a potential indication of terrorism is firmly established in the federal agency’s own literature and training procedures. The FBI has also repeatedly labeled those who identify as “sovereign citizens” to be domestic terrorists. In 2012, we reported on how the FBI’s Communities Against Terrorism (CAT) program was instructing businesses that banal activities conducted by millions of Americans on a daily basis were potential indications of terrorist activity. Flyers for the program being handed out to businesses such as Internet cafes even listed paying for a cup of coffee with cash as a suspicious activity.


Bundy Ranch Now Surrounded by Heavily Armed Guards as Talk of Federal Raid Picks Up


Here's a photo taken from the air of the BLM's secret bovine concentration camps. 

After this photo was released, the BLM ordered the FAA to shut down the air space over the ranch, creating a wartime "no fly zone" to prevent more pictures from being taken:



NATO to step up presence near Russian borders

NATO has announced it is stepping up its presence around Russian borders to reassure eastern European member states, in an effort also aimed at increasing pressure on Moscow before international talks on the Ukrainian crisis  in Geneva. The EU and the US intend to tighten sanctions against Moscow after the four-party negotiations – involving foreign ministers from Russia, Ukraine and the US and the EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton – if Moscow does not stop what the west allege is the deliberating stoking of tensions in eastern Ukraine. A spokesperson for the US secretary of state, John Kerry, said his primary goal was to persuade Moscow to halt its destabilizing activities in eastern Ukraine, and call publicly for separatist groups to disarm and stand down. Pro-Russian separatists seized six armored personnel carriers from the Ukrainian army on Wednesday, which they then drove in a victory lap through the center of two towns held by militia units. Protesters seeking independence from Kiev have occupied at least nine government buildings in the region for more than a week – but this is the first time that separatist forces deep inside Ukraine have managed to seize heavy military equipment, and a further sign that the situation in the east is slipping out of Kiev’s grip. The reinforcements on NATO’s eastern flank will take the form of more air patrols over the Baltic states, greater numbers of warships in both the Baltic and eastern Mediterranean, and more troops deployed in eastern Europe. “Today, we agreed on a package of further military measures to reinforce our collective defense and demonstrate the strength of Allied solidarity,” the NATO secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said after a meeting of alliance members. “We will have more planes in the air, more ships on the water, and more readiness on the land. For example, air policing aircraft will fly more sorties over the Baltic region. Allied ships will deploy to the Baltic Sea, the eastern Mediterranean and elsewhere, as required.”



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